In The Spotlight – Shawna

Today we are putting Shawna ‘In the Spotlight’. Shawna was born in a drug rehab facility and spent many of her early years living in various homes with multiple caregivers. She was living a life surrounded by aggression and substance abuse. She had limited-to-no supervision and was not generally cared for. She had to fight for everything. Eventually she was removed from the home and placed with a caregiver that was invested in building a loving home however damage had already been done. Her upbringing had led her to become aggressive and violent toward her caregiver and peers. She couldn’t fully understand directions, lacked the ability to focus, and would often get into fights. At the age of five, Shawna began coming to Easter Seals Michigan where she started receiving speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and home-based care through our Family Services program. We are happy to report that she is in the process of being adopted by her caregiver and has already shown massive amounts of progress so far this school year. In fact, according to her school she is even staying in her assigned seat which is a MAJOR success. At Easter Seals Michigan we work with the school and the family so that everyone has the tools to build a better life for those we serve. Shawna, Easter Seals Michigan wants to congratulate you on your amazing progress, kiddo. It hasn’t been easy but you are amazing and have already accomplished so much! Keep up the good work!