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‘Seals on Wheels’ Classic Car Show – June 7th

Join us on June 7th at the Easter Seals Michigan Auburn Hills location for the first annual ‘Seals on Wheels’ Classic Car Show. The event will go from 10am – 2pm and include music, food, beverages, and family fun activities – all leading up to the $100,000 All Cash Raffle taking place at 2pm.


To learn more about the event, register your car or purchase a raffle ticket, go to!

Chrystal – An Easter Seals Success Story

I had been through trauma in my childhood so my mom wanted me to be in counseling to work on those issues.  I was cutting and my mom started to look for a new counselor because the old ones hadn’t worked out.  I had been through a lot of counselors and some of them were really bad.  One told my mom that if I wanted to kill myself that she should let me.  He would just tell me to do whatever I wanted even if it was destructive.  I had another counselor that did not listen to me.  One counselor called me fat – she was ultra-skinny and told me I was heavy and made me feel worse about myself.

Local wheelchair athlete Jerry Sarason helps

Jerry Sarason is one of the athletes looking forward to Easter Seals Michigan’s Hightail it for Heroes event on Saturday, Nov. 10 at Stony Creek Metropark. Jerry has been a wheelchair user for 22 years and is a certified mobility consultant for Mobility Works and will be making sure the course is properly set up for the race.

Easter Seals Michigan selected Jerry to give the final inspection of the racecourse, because of his 20 years of experience in wheelchair racing. He reviews course turns and terrain, ensuring they are wheelchair accessible, and will ensure that all wheelchair athletes will have a safe and enjoyable time at the event.

Tis’ the Season…or is it?

By Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse Member

The season of both secular and religious holidays will soon be upon us and in the tradition of the season – these words from this holiday song will be one of the many that will be sung with furious repetition. Of course, the next three words of this song are “to be jolly”- which begs the question what does “jolly” mean and why should we be so, especially if the holiday season presumably provides us with a paucity (lack) of reasons to be jolly? For many who suffer from mental illness this is uniquely the case – for the holiday season tends to bring only the trappings (decorating, buying of presents, etc.) of this jolly thing and not the substance. These trappings can even exacerbate our symptoms. So, where is this true jolly of the season and how can we find it? Well, although, it may sound trite we can, indeed, find it in ourselves. For it is in ourselves that we can give to others.

We need to invest in our children and recognize

It’s impossible to shy away from the constant barrage of news updates after a tragedy of Sandy Hook’s magnitude occurs. Each report is gut-wrenching and immediately personalizes your life. You think of your children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces and wonder, “what if that was my family?”

Everyone is looking for answers to try and understand how something like this evil could even take place in our world. The continual shedding of tears as stories surface about teachers who sacrificed their lives for their students and 6-year olds being laid to rest.

Tragically, it’s truly a “where were you when you heard” moment in our history.

While the tragedy was unfolding, I, like most, was listening to the constantly updated news reports providing updates. We heard the name of the shooter, that his mother was one of the fatalities and was a teacher at Sandy Hook. All of a sudden the news was directing people to Ryan Lanza’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Only to find out a short time later that all of these “facts” weren’t true at all.